Selling your property by Auction with NO Commission

Walton and Hipkiss Modern Method of Auction service offers:

  • NO Commission payable by the seller.
  • Sellers can also fixed a timescales to sell and move.
  • The Seller will receives the entire sale proceeds on completion with no commission to pay.
  • Seller can reserve there lowest price before the Auction.
  • Your property will be widely marketed.
  • Transparent internet based auction process.
  • The will cutting out time wasters providing additional security.
  • The Auction team are experienced to handle your sales process.
  • The buyer will pay a deposit or reservation fee ensures they are serious about purchasing.

Looking to Sell your Property by Auction

This is a fantastic new Modern Method of Auction which is not to be confused with traditional auction.
The Modern Method of Auction is a flexible buyer friendly method of purchase.

Walton and Hipkiss provide this service to sell property in a quick and secure way via the Modern Method of Auction.

The Modern Method of Auction is an online property auction system which allows our vendors to sell their properties quickly, for the maximum market price and without having to pay any agency fees. Vendors are able to set a minimum reserve price which allows them to be in complete control of the process and they can log onto the site and see how many watchers and bids their property is receiving.

This makes the sales process completely transparent and the ebay-style property auction service is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Modern Method of Auction provides a greater flexibility than a Traditional Auction by allowing the buyer 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 days to complete the transaction. This still maintains the security of Traditional Auction through the payment of a non-refundable reservation fee or deposit by the buyer. As a result of this, the Modern Method of Auction opens up the auction market which creates a larger market place, more interest and could create higher prices than Traditional Auction.

For more information on our The Modern Method of Auction or to see how to sell your property through the Modern Method of Auction, please contact your local branch or email us

Auction Department 0121 366 0539

Terms and conditions apply to the Modern Method of Auction, which is operated by West Midlands Property Auction powered by iam-sold Ltd.

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