Moving "IN" Check List

1. Check your Meter Readings 

The previous tenants/inventory clerk should have taken a recording, but it is important that you check them yourselves and make a note of them. Normally, you will have a meter for gas, electricity and sometimes water.

2. Check and Return 

your Inventory Within the 10 working days, we will provide you with an inventory which details the condition of the property and its contents; it is very important that you check this thoroughly and return it to us, as it will be compared against an inspection at the end of your tenancy. If for any reason there is anything you don’t agree with on the inventory, then reply to our email with your comments and we will review it.

3. Cleanliness & maintenance 

Although your property has been inspected and passed off by our clerk, if you feel that anything in your house needs our attention when you move in, please send pictures to our within 24 hours after you have moved in.

4. Get to know your Property 

Stop cock for water: Usually under the sink. It’s important to know where this is, in case there is a water leak anywhere in the house.

Gas shut off valve: Usually near the front door or in the ground floor front bedroom (sometimes they are in cupboards or under built in covers). If you ever think there is a gas leak, then you’ll need to be able to close this valve and Phone the National Gas Emergencies number on 0800 111 999

Electricity fuse board:  This is normally near the front of the property, similar to the gas shut off valve. This is used to re-set any tripped switches.

Burglar alarm: If there is a security alarm at your property, you should receive a code from us when you collect your keys. Most alarms are fairly straight forward to set, but if you need any help, you can search the manual on YouTube. If you still can’t figure out how to operate the alarm, please contact us so we can make arrangements to come around and show you. You should ensure that everyone knows where the above items are and has access to them at all times and knows how to use them. If you need help then don’t be afraid to ask, we’ll be happy to help.

 5. Set up your Utilities 

Vouch should of already contacted you but if not to see offers they have got.

When you move in: make sure you take a note of the gas and electric meter readings (usually downstairs towards the front of the house and sometimes outside). Once you’ve got these, it’s also very important that you let the supplier know.

6. Insurance 

It is important that you insure all of your belongings from the first day you move into the property as they will not be covered under the landlord’s policy. You can check the quotes for content insurance on a comparison website such as “Money Supermarket”.

Moving "OUT" Check List

The time to move out of your rental property is approaching fast. We would like to make your moving out as smooth as possible. In order to avoid any charges at the end of your tenancy, we have put together a checklist detailing all the things you need to do before you move out.


Returning Keys: 

❖ DEADLINE: All keys must be returned to our office NO LATER THAN 12:00 midday on the last day of your tenancy. ❖ 

IF OUT OF OFFICE HOURS: You are welcome to return the keys to us earlier; if the office isn’t open, please leave them in a sealed envelope in the letterbox, marked with your FULL NAME




Please make sure you are up to date with the rent. Rent arrears will result in further charges on top of the outstanding rent such as solicitor costs, or other legal fees.



We ask that you make sure your bills are paid up to date and that you email proof to us at The easiest way to do this is to ring your utility providers with your exit meter readings to get your final utility bills sent out.



Tenants are responsible for returning the property in a clean condition, ready for the next tenants to move in. We have found lots of fun ‘cleantoks’ AKA the cleaning gurus of TikTok: simply click on the icons to see the videos! Or if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning your house, let us know and we can book a cleaning company in to do it for you. You will need to pay for this service. You will also need to let us know at least 2 weeks before you move out. This service is payable by yourself. We understand things are difficult at the moment and it is an ever-changing situation, therefore, planning well ahead is key. From our past experiences, if you leave everything until the last day, it will be a ‘mad rush’ and nothing will get done properly. If the property is not left clean at the end of the tenancy, cleaning charges will be deducted from your Deposit.


Cancelation of your Standing Order:

If you haven’t already put an end date on your standing order for rental payments, please remember to cancel your standing order after your last rental payment. Please Note: each overpayment due to failure of cancelling your standing order will incur a cost of £35.00 banking surcharge for refund.


Deposit Return We know that you would like your deposit back as soon as possible. – If the property is left in a good condition and all the above is done correctly with all the information required, you will receive the Deposit Return within 14 days – If the property is not left in a good condition, it will inevitably delay the deposit return procedure because there will be a lot more work involved, including arranging for cleaning, repairs, contacting utility suppliers etc. Under such circumstances, we aim to return the deposit within 30 days).


Finally, we would like to wish you all the best in the future and please keep safe and well.

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Tenant Fee Act 2019

The only payments you can charge in connection with a tenancy are:

  • Rent

  • A refundable tenancy deposit

  • A refundable holding deposit (to reserve a property)

  • Payments to change the tenancy

  • Payment associated with early termination of the tenancy

  • Payments in respect of utilities, communication services, council tax and television licence

  • Default fee for late payment of rent and replacement of a lost key / security device, where required under a tenancy act.



Managed ONLY

If you are one of our managed tenant’s and require maintenance

Please select FixFlow

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Contact Lettings:

Hagley Office

01562 886688 (option 2)

Stourbridge Office

01384 392371 (option 2)

Kidderminster Office

01562 519777 (option 2)



Emergency Call Out

If you are one of our managed tenant’s and require an emergency call out please call 

01562 519677